Barn Concerts

We have several “house concerts” each year, usually late spring and early fall.
Please send an email to for more information
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Upcoming concerts:

Saturday, October 1, 2022
The Lowest Pair
Clawhammer banjos and more!
(Who needs more than clawhammer banjos?!)
email: for info.

Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Wright – The Lowest Pair


Saturday, June 4, 2022
Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan
Third try’s a charm!

Bruce Kaplan and Claudia Russell
Claudia and Bruce in the barn, Fall 2019
Rob Flax in the barn, Fall 2019
Dan Weber with Jerry Towell 2017

Past Concerts:
*Covid cancellations for 2020: Max Hatt/Edda Glass and Claudia Russell/Bruce Kaplan
Rob Flax. Oct. 12, 2019
Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan. 2019
Dan Weber. 2017
Planes On Paper. 2014
Dan Weber. 2013
Shantigroove at Our Wedding! 2005