Exhibit Services & Eggs

Andy and Peg Granitto are retired from the Yakima Valley Museum,
where they developed, designed, fabricated and installed exhibitions.

Andy has over 30 years experience in exhibition development, design, and production
— following 10 years in carpentry, cabinet-making, and renovation contracting.
He has earned multiple degrees from the University of Colorado, Boulder
(Art History, Anthropology, and Museum Science).
Peg was his exhibit technician and assistant at Yakima Valley Museum for 15 years.

Happy Hen, LLC is their freelance exhibition design and consultation service.
While they had intended to do much freelance work after leaving YVM,
they have found that working on the ranch and feathering their nest in the barn
is more enjoyable and fulfilling. But we do provide exhibit services.

Contact Andy at andyhappyhen@gmail.com with inquiries.